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Hermes Handbags Whether he does is a wait and see situation since the injury just happened last Friday during a routine drill.”We’ll wait awhile before we ask that question,” said defensive coordinator Matt Entz. “Let’s get the knee taken care of first, let him visit with his family and see where he’s at.”Menard started 29 straight games and was named to the “Watch List” for the FCS Buck Buchanan Award, which goes to the best defensive player in the subdivision. He has 125 career tackles 33.5 for lost yardage and is seventh on the all time Bison list with 28 quarterback sacks in 43 games.Last year, the Bison saw linebacker Nick DeLuca and defensive tackle Nate Tanguay go down with season ending injuries with DeLuca’s turning into a medical hardship Hermes Handbags.