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Hermes Replica Handbags The inspectors also found shredded cabbage that had expired a week earlier; a bag of frozen chicken with no marked expiration date with freezer burns; oranges and margarine sitting on the floor, under the bottom shelf of a cooler; and 13 packages of moldy bagels. The facility’s staff corrected all of the deficiencies and vowed to make changes to prevent their recurrence, the report said. McSharar declined to comment in detail on each of the deficiencies but replied, “If (inspectors) honestly thought that the residents were in danger, they would have taken stronger action.” ‘A bit of a Band Aid’ Madison Center’s vice president of operations, Wendy Chapman, said West Park has been open about sharing the kitchen report with Madison Center and feels confident that the facility is fixing the problems: “They showed us they have been working on that.” Chapman said she feels assured that West Park will remain open Hermes Replica Handbags.